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On Tuesday, July 8th, KAMRA launched the Shipment of Hope Campaign, through which KAMRA is currently seeking to provide medical assistance to approximately 50,000 refugees, including thousands of children who have fled Northern Nigeria to take shelter in Southeastern Niger.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $100,000 in order to provide immediate assistance to these victims who are continuously crossing over the North-eastern Nigerian border into Eastern Niger, where KAMRA supports the Kirker hospital, and the Barbara Kirker Second Chance School. To learn more on the campaign click on the logo below. 





Through The Kirker Hospital Medicine and Supply Support Project, KAMRA facilitated, and distributed twelve containers of medicines, medical supplies and equipment. Additionally, more than a dozen US physicans, registured nurses, and interns provided medical care to local communities, staying for period ranging from a couple of month to three years. To read a report on the lastest shipment Click on MAP Report.




KAMRA receives a $50,000.00 grant from The Fistula Foundation to implement the Obstetric Fistula & Pelvic Floor Disorders Project at the Kirker Hospital.  


The goal of the project is to develop an Obstetric Fistula and general Pelvic Floor Disorders program that blends optimally with the regional needs of the women in the Diffa region and the mission of Kirker Hospital. To read more click on Fistula Project,



Designed for children no longer eligible for public education, the Barbara Kirker Second Chance School has already been critical in furthering the education of many students. Indeed, since the first enrollments in 2007, over 100 students have already graduated and all of these students are continuing their education in secondary school. Since these students had missed enrolling in normal public schools when they were age eligible for primary school, they would never have qualified for secondary school. The Barbara Kirker school not only gave them an accelerated primary education, but was so good the students qualified for and entered secondary school.

There are currently 150 students in grades I through IV at the school, as the six- year normal curriculum is administered in just four years at the second chance school. In Niger, one of the poorest countries of the world, this initiative contributes to greatly empowering young girls, who would otherwise remain undedicated their whole lives.

In 2013, the school achieved excellent results obtaining a 92.30% success rate on the National Elementary School Exit Exam.

Recently, a major innovation was introduced to the school with the improvement of the curriculum, through the addition of the teaching of English language and computer classes. An initial computer library has been set up with 10 laptops that were purchased with contributions from friends and family members in honor and memory of Barbara Kirker.

The materialization of these two projects, very dear to the spiritual mother, and founder of the school has further received the support of a longtime friend who committed to support the school by contributing with funds to provide Internet service on an ongoing basis.

These new additions make the school one of a kind in Niger, and represent great assets for students, adding a great potential to significantly contribute to providing better education.

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